How to get a USA-Sponsored Visa

Getting a USA-sponsored visa is easier than people think, In this article, you will get a full guide about how to get a USA-sponsored visa. At this time, Many companies offering US-sponsored visas. Bellow,

What is H1B Visa?

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H1-B Visa is a nonimmigrant Visa that is intended to permit U.S. managers to utilize outside nationals in specialty occupations in the United States of America for a predetermined period. Individuals from outside the U.S. who are searching for work need to have an H1-B Visa under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Top 10 Companies That Sponsor H1B Visas.


Microsoft recruits 200 MBA graduates consistently into its initiative improvement program alone — Microsoft Aspire Experience.

Over the two years, you will blend with your worldwide accomplice, meet tutors in administrative roles, and work across groups to foster future systems inside the organization.

With a lot of administrative roles open for top ability in the firm, it’s nothing unexpected that Microsoft positions among the top organizations that support H-1-B visas.


Two or three late obtaining declarations show IBM is extending and focused on ability in half breed cloud counseling and cloud technique, as well as compartment methodology and execution administrations.

It likewise centers around plan and business methodology, technical support, and ability the executives, significance there are possibilities for global MBA ability at the firm across a wide scope of business regions.


The second of the enormous tech firms on this rundown gobbling up global MBA ability is Facebook. The association’s headcount has dramatically increased starting around 2017.

With the business continually presenting new product offerings, similar to Reels to Instagram, a bulletin to match Substack, and computer-generated reality (VR) headsets, there are a lot of chances for MBA ability at the firm.

HCL America

HCL offers PC programming arrangements, ideal for MBA graduates needing to speed up or turn their professions towards state-of-the-art innovation.

It works across enterprises, covering regions like the car business, aviation and safeguard, media and amusement, medical services, and capital business sectors.

The firm had an underlying 1,303 H-1B visa petitions supported in 2020-21.


Capgemini is in a development spray and 2021 has been a decent year such a long way for the firm. The organization is one more in the domain of advanced arrangements counseling and spotlights vigorously on counseling, computerized change, tech, and designing administrations.


The offer cost of Alphabet, Google’s parent organization, has soared since current CEO Sundar Pichai took over Google in 2015.

The firm is likewise a top objective for global MBA graduates hoping to get H1-B visas after business college. H-1B visa sponsorship at Google is logical for global ability — the firm had 1,682 beginning endorsements in 2020. Anticipate that this number should develop as the organization keeps on doing as such.

Discerning Technology Solutions US

By this point, you’ve presumably understood the string that goes through the rundown of top organizations that support H-1B visas: innovation. Sitting right beyond the main three is another business counseling, IT, and reevaluating firm, Cognizant

Goodbye Consultancy Services

Starting off the main three organizations that support H1-B visas is Tata Consultancy Services.

The Indian global has a sharp spotlight on application improvement, scope quantification, counseling, installment handling, programming the board, and innovation schooling administrations.

In the event that you’re a worldwide MBA graduate hoping to remain in the US after business college, Tata is most certainly a film worth checking out.


Infosys is a forerunner in cutting-edge computerized benefits and counseling. The firm is settled in Bangalore, India yet is a top hirer of global MBA ability in the US.

H-1B visa sponsorship at Infosys ought to be an objective of worldwide graduates who need to work at the crossing point of present and future tech progressions. The firm had in excess of 3,500 H-1B visa petitions at first supported in 2020.


Amazon enlists floods of MBA graduates consistently, and it’s nothing unexpected the firm tops the rundown of organizations that support H-1B visas.

H-1B visa sponsorship at Amazon is probably going to increment before long as well — the organization intends to recruit in excess of 1,000 MBAs in 2021. Worldwide MBA graduates can find occupations at Amazon in a variety of regions, from money and retail to item and program the executives.

One thing is clear: tech organizations are a decent spot for worldwide MBA graduates to search for post-business college vocations. Albeit the H-1B visa lottery doesn’t ensure every individual who applies for a visa will remain in the US, there are clear advantages to focusing on the top organizations that support H-1B visas.

Furthermore, since the Trump organization’s boycott has terminated, this moment’s a decent opportunity to be a worldwide MBA graduate in the US.

H1B Visa Eligibility Criteria

To get the H1-B Visa, you should:

  • Have 12 years of work insight. It can likewise be a blend of additional training and work insight.
  • The candidate should hold a four-year certification or the same.
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services will decide whether your business is a specialty occupation and on the off chance that you are able to play out the administrations.
  • The business ought to record a work condition with the Department of Labor that concerns the agreements of its agreement of work with you.
  • You should exhibit that you can work in the specialty occupation.
  • You will come to the U.S. to procure and are not accompanying the aim to seek after a side interest or to offer free guidance or any compassionate help.

How to apply for H1-B Visa

The individual isn’t permitted to apply for the H1-B visa, it requires support from U.S. businesses. The H1-B documenting period begins on the first of April and the filling time frame will go on till the share is met. The H1-B supporters and managers change consistently. H1-B visas are double goal visas as you can get super durable residency also.

H1-B visas can be filled and endorsed in 15 days utilizing the exceptional handling however an additional charge of $1,225 is to be paid. The H1-B visa can likewise be moved to the new H1-B support organization whenever.


Business petitions for the H1B visa in the accompanying ways:

Structure ETA-9035:
Work Condition Attestation through the ICERT site. The business guarantees the DOL that they will give the worker fair compensation and equivalent advantages to what is being given to the U.S. resident

Structure I-129:
The appeal for Nonimmigrant Worker is recorded with H Supplement and submitted with supporting reports that incorporate demonstrated LCA and are to be documented with USCIS Regional Service Center that has a locale over the city of arranged business. At the point when supported, the business gets notice or endorsement Form I-797 and a duplicate is sent to the American Consulate.

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