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Corey Feldman was one of those child actors whose faces were seen on almost every screen in the ’80s. He was a teenage idol and starred in The Goonies. His friendships with Michael Jackson and Corey Haim, his late friends, made him famous. These were his early days in the music industry.

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Feldman’s name was eventually associated with legal chaos and drugs. It was only a matter of time before the rope fell apart, given his less-than-ideal childhood. That’s an excellent way to put it. Feldman is currently assigned to expose Hollywood’s most significant problem (which we will soon get to).

These are the ups & downs of Corey Feldman’s rollercoaster ride of a career.

Corey Feldman’s 1980s were special.

The story of Corey Feldman’s rise to fame is well-documented. His first commercial was on TV, and he has done about 100. He was three years old when he made his first commercial for McDonald’s. He was only beginning his career in the television industry with commercials. He found roles on about 50 shows.

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Feldman was a young actor who appeared in shows like Eight Is Enough, Cheers, and Mork & Mindy. He then moved on to the cinema. Feldman was a star in future cult classics such as Gremlins and Goonies, which he starred in the 1980s. Feldman starred in The Lost Boys in 1987 alongside Corey Haim. The two would grow up together in Hollywood and experience both the highs and lows.

He was the victim of “a lot of weird stuff.”

“I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life. Let’s leave it at that.”

Hollywood’s highs were undoubtedly something to be proud of. He reminisces about a great time while filming Friday the 13th: A Final Chapter in 1984. He fondly remembers his friendship with River Phoenix, his Stand by Me star (who also died from an overdose at 23).

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He was a great guy. It was so much fun to have such a great time together. We had so much fun together. There wasn’t a single awkward moment. Feldman said that it was always fun and laughter.” Feldman’s memorable experience shooting Gremlins was also one of his most memorable.

Gizmo’s First Visit

He was only 13 years old when Pete was cast in 1984’s Gremlins. He recalls first seeing Gizmo as a model. He probably should have waited until the movie was out, in hindsight. Feldman was yelling at the kid, “What is mogwai fur?” before throwing a spitball at Feldman. He starred in Clark, aka Mouth, in The Goonies a year later.

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He begged for Michael Jackson to join him on the set of The Goonies.

The moment Feldman yells “Reverse Pressure!” is a classic scene from the film. But he was thinking about Michael Jackson. Feldman, a big MJ fan at the time, pestered Steven Spielberg (the executive producers of The Goonies) for weeks to invite his friend from pop to the set.

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Spielberg made the most of the opportunity to shoot the scene where the children mess with the plumbing at Astoria Country Club. He made a clever move to capture Feldman’s “Reverse Pressure!” line seconds before calling “Action!” He said to the young actor, “Today is the day, Corey.” Michael Jackson is coming on set.” You bet your a$$ Feldman was pumped up enough to shout the line with real oomph.

Disneyland: The Time He and MJ Disguised Theirselfs

Feldman and Jackson used disguises to go to Disneyland to avoid being noticed. Feldman wore fake mustaches and fake sunglasses. Jackson wore counterfeit glasses and sunglasses.

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The 13-year-old friends managed to spend the whole evening at the park together without being recognized. The two ended up finding a last-minute place to stay the night. Feldman said that Jackson discovered the room only had one bed and requested a cot. Feldman agreed to take the bed.

His Complicated and Unexpected Friendship with MJ

Feldman was close to Jackson as a teenager and child. Feldman wrote and spoke about his childhood with Jackson in his book, Coreyography. “Michael Jackson had made my world crazy, as crazy it sounds… Being with Michael brought back my innocence.”

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Feldman insists throughout the book that Jackson has never been inappropriately towards him. Feldman went on to say that Jackson never acted inappropriately toward him. He wrote, “He was adamantly opposed to drugs and alcohol; was extremely strict; I couldn’t even swear around him.”

Goodbye, “Megalo Man”: End of Their Friendship 

I believed your words and your lies

In September, New York

You left me to die

I love you, Megalo Man.”

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Jackson believed Feldman would portray Jackson in a negative light in his book. This was in 2001, four years after Jackson’s death.

Feldman claimed that Jackson was responsible for removing Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor from town on September 11, 2001. But not him. Feldman, who is also a singer, responded with Megalo Man. As you can see, the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory.

A Night of Decay at the Four Seasons

Feldman, Ricky Schroeder, and Corey Haim were filming Dream a Little Dream in 1989. They then threw a fantastic party at The Four Seasons, Los Angeles, for the director Mark Rocco. The studio told them to rest for one last night in their hotel suites. Feldman, Haim, and Rocco instead called their friends, and the impromptu party quickly spiraled out of control.

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Around a thousand people attended. In some strange way, the minibar fridge ended up in a bathtub. The following day, a $10,000 bill was presented to studio executives. According to press reports, “Televisions were removed from windows, Ricky Schroeder and Haim hosed down a stripper in Champagne, and children went streaking down halls of the penthouse.”

What goes up must also go down.

Hollywood has many highs. But Hollywood also has its lows. He almost lost his job at The Lost Boys. On the set of the film, for the first time, he tried coke. But he got so drunk that Joel Schumacher had to fire him.

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Schumacher decided to change his mind the next day. On the set of that film, it became evident that Feldman was having real problems with his drug-abusing mom. Kiefer Sutherland, Feldman’s co-star, saw him crying outside his hotel room because of his mother.

Keifer Sutherland was looking out for him.

Kiefer said to him that everyone knew how awful she was when they reunited many years later. Feldman recalls Sutherland seeing him cry on set, and he said that he wanted to “go down there so many times.”

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He is aware that Sutherland was there that evening with Jason Patric, Dianne Wiest, and their hotel room. They shared a bottle of wine while watching TV. “But every half an hour, he would pull back the curtains, peering out the window to check on me, checking to make sure I was still there.”

He refers to it Now as “Slavery.”

Feldman’s entire career, as rich and varied as it is, began against his will. Feldman stated that it all started with The AV Club. He also said the obvious, saying that at three years old, children don’t find their way into any decision-making or anything. “That’s what I experienced: Child slavery.”

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While he acknowledged his success, he corrected himself and said that it was more his parents who were the beneficiaries of the success. He was a teenage idol because of the movies he starred in the mid-’80s. He was soon a staple of the tabloids.

He Became a Tabloid Staple

The Coreys were more prominent tabloid headlines because of their hard-partying ways and close friendship with Haim (who later died from pneumonia in 2010). Feldman was clearly enjoying the heights of his success, but his personal life was full of tragedy.

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He wrote his memoir Coreyography in 2013, detailing how he was abused and raped by his mother for many years. He couldn’t help but wear his pain on his sleeves because of his difficult childhood and his relationship with his mother.

He hides his pain behind his smile.

Feldman said that his main reason for landing the role of Teddy Duchamp, 1986’s Stand by Me, was that director Rob Reiner recognized the fact that Feldman had “such an unbelievable amount of pain” in the eyes. Reiner was able to pick it up, but the majority of people in the industry didn’t know what Feldman was feeling beneath his teenage idol smile.

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It was mainly kept secret by him. Richard Donner, director and producer on The Goonies, and The Lost Boys, with Feldman, stated in 2000 that he had “never realized the extent Corey was suffering… He never revealed anything to anyone.”

At 15, he was freed from his parents.

Feldman discovered that his parents had spent a lot of their earnings on his films in 1986. According to reports, he was left with $40,000 in his bank account. Feldman was able to use that spark to pursue independence from his parents.

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He was 15 years old when he was released from the legal custody of his parents. He was finally freed from his parent’s legal control. He said that his parents were very controlling and selfish in 2016, and they were more concerned about what was going on with me than my life.

The Son of Two Has-Beens

Feldman’s pain began earlier than others. Feldman describes his Father as being absent from his life in his autobiography. Bob Feldman was a bassist and one of many one-hit-wonder musicians of the 1960s (he wrote My Boyfriend’s Back by The Angels). He would have a good time with his son, but he left the majority of the raising to his wife, Sheila Feldman.

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This mother, a former Playboy model, and the cocktail waitress weren’t the type of mother you would choose to raise your child. She made fun of her son’s weight and forced him to take diet pills. When he was 11, his parents divorced.

It was a matter of time.

He was bullied by his classmates around that time. In 1992, he told PEOPLE that he had found a gun in his grandfather’s gun collection. He kept it under his mattress. Then he candidly stated that he hated himself and considered taking his own life.

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He was able to self-medicate in no time. He was actually introduced to alcohol and marijuana on the Set of Stand by Me. His co-star was also there. River Phoenix and Feldman had their first “doobie” on that set in 1986. Two friends convinced a guy in the sound department that they could each have smoke from his bong. Both of them laughed for a while, pretending they didn’t feel any sensations after they had giggled like elementary school children.

His Father praised Him

His Father, who was acting as his manager, sued his son. Why? The reason? Bob Feldman once hired Ron as his assistant.

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Feldman claims Ron introduced his drugs and then molested him. This eventually led to a shared experience with Corey Haim. Haim revealed to Feldman that he had been sexually harassed on set by an older man named Lucas when the boys became close friends.

Carrie Fisher begged him to get clean.

Feldman decided to make a fresh start and moved into his own apartment. He then began to climb the fame ladder again, with films like License to Drive and Lost Boys. Feldman developed many bad habits.

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Carrie Fisher, a fellow star, was one of the people who encouraged Feldman to get clean. When Feldman was 17, he was filming The Burbs in 1989. His drug problems became so apparent that he demanded that he seek treatment, Joe Dante, Fisher, and Fisher.

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