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Garra Rufa Fish price in Bangladesh

The Garra Rufa is a small freshwater fish that belongs to the family Cyprinidae and is commonly referred to as a doctor fish, nibbling fish, or just plain fish spa fish.

Garra Rufa Fish price in Bangladesh
in the image: Garra Rufa Fish massaging

They originated in the countries of the Middle East, such as Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. Fish have gained notoriety due to their use in fish pedicures and fish spas.

People at fish spas often soak their hands or feet in water containing Garra Rufa fish. The fish then produce a gentle exfoliating action by gently nibbling away at the dead or dry skin.

It is thought that this method can assist the skin in the treated area to become softer and healthier. In various regions of the world, people visit fish spas to relax and improve their appearance.

Where to buy Garra Rufa Fish?

You can buy Garra Rufa Fish from a Bangladeshi aquarium fish wholesaler, all details below, this is the best hole seller, seller imports the fish from Thailand:

Company NameSotej Aquatic Thailand
Office AddressUttara Jasimuddin
House No12 / Ground Floor
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Garra Rufa Fish photo

Why Should you buy Garra Rufa Fish from Bangladesh?

Depending on your situation and goals, you may want to purchase Garra Rufa fish in Bangladesh or elsewhere. Here are a few things to think about:

  • First, think about the law and make sure you’re not breaking any rules by selling or owning Garra Rufa fish where you live or abroad. Certain fish species, especially those deemed invasive, may be illegal to own or trade in some areas.
  • Environmental Impact and Moral Considerations Think about the ecological and moral repercussions. Make sure the fish you buy has been caught or raised in a sustainable manner. If these fish were brought to a habitat where they do not naturally occur, there could be serious ecological repercussions.
  • What are you planning to do with the Garra Rufa fish once you have it? If you intend to keep it in an aquarium at home, you need to learn about its needs and make sure you can meet them. If it’s for a commercial enterprise, like a fish spa, you should research the relevant laws and health and safety requirements.
  • Fourth, think carefully about the health and safety implications before using these fish in spa treatments. Make sure the fish are healthy and that all hygiene and sanitation standards are met.
  • Finally, number five is a trustworthy vendor. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a business, you should only buy nutritious fish from reputable sources.

Think about the money you’ll need to buy and care for these fish, in addition to any infrastructure or tools you’ll need.

Seven Suggestions: Find out if other fish can serve the same function as Garra Rufa fish. Spas in some areas have moved away from using live fish in treatments and now use alternate approaches.

In the end, you should carefully weigh your own needs, knowledge of relevant rules, and ethical considerations before deciding whether or not to purchase Garra Rufa fish. Before making a purchase, it’s smart to check with local authorities or specialists in the industry if you have any questions.

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