Negative way of living choices– the effects

Making negative lifestyle choices can be active– something individuals do– or passive– something individuals select not or overlook to do. They include:

not doing enough exercise

being also inactive, ie sitting or lying down for long periods

having an undesirable diet, eg consuming too much or insufficient, consuming too much fat/sugar/salt

not obtaining enough rest or having irregular rest patterns


abusing alcohol, ie drinking excessive and/or too often

misusing substances, eg taking medicines, using performance-enhancing medications, excessive using prescription or over the counter medicines


taking unnecessary unsafe dangers, eg having unsafe sex, driving over the rate restriction

ignoring signs and symptoms of illness or psychological strain

The results

A negative way of living impacts the body and mind. The adverse effects can be temporary and also long-term. They may also influence others, for instance, a person’s youngsters. Typically, individuals are more encouraged to change their behaviour to get favorable benefits than to avoid negative effects, specifically when the negative effects might not appear up until far into the future.

Physical wellness

Excellent physical health and wellness is connected to physical fitness– being able to do successfully the physical jobs associated with life as well as sport. Being literally healthy and balanced includes:

enjoying being physically energetic

having excellent equilibrium, coordination as well as agility in daily tasks as well as sport

having the stamina, endurance and flexibility needed for every day life, work as well as play

having fewer illnesses, diseases and also injuries

Psychological health and wellness

Emotional– or mental– health is linked to individual wellness– feeling positive about yourself. Being psychologically healthy includes:

having self-confidence as well as self-regard

being able to identify as well as reveal sensations

being able to handle emotions to suit the circumstance

acknowledging and taking care of the aspects that impact feelings

feeling positive regarding life (which includes sensation valuable and also being optimistic about the future).

Social health and wellness.

Social wellness also adds to wellbeing– feeling positive about communications with other people as well as the wider world. Being socially healthy and balanced includes:.

having the ability to connect with a series of individuals as well as having a sense of belonging.

having regard, empathy and tolerance for other people.

being able to manage feelings to match the circumstance.

acknowledging and also handling the effects of actions on others.

recognizing civil liberties and also duties.

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