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Mawlana Rafiqul Islam Madani Biography

Rafiqul Islam Madani was born in 1994 in Netrakona, Bangladesh. He grew up in a family with seven siblings and pursued his early education in Islamic studies.

Mawlana or Maulana Rafiqul Islam Madani
Mawlana Rafiqul Islam Madani picture

Personal Information

Full NameRafiqul Islam Madani
Date of Birth1994
BirthplaceNetrakona, Bangladesh

Educational Background

Hifzul Quran MadrasaInitial Islamic education
Jatrabari MadrasaFurther Islamic studies
Jamia Madani MadrasaDawra-e-HadithEquivalent to a master’s degree in 2019

Career as an Islamic Speaker

Rafiqul Islam Madani began his career as an Islamic speaker in the mid-2010s. He gained popularity for his engaging and influential speeches at various waj mahfils across Bangladesh.

Career Highlights

Mid-2010sBegan career as an Islamic speaker
Late 2010sRose to prominence in Islamic preaching
2019Completed Dawra-e-Hadith degree
2021Faced legal challenges under the Digital Security Act

Legal Challenges

In 2021, Rafiqul Islam Madani faced significant legal challenges. He was arrested for ‘anti-state and provocative’ speech under the Digital Security Act.

This period marked a pivotal point in his career, intertwining his religious teachings with the complexities of law and state security. This can happen to the politics of Bangladesh.

Physical Attributes

Height4 feet 0 inches
Weight45 Kg
Eye ColourDark
Hair ColourBlack

Current Status

As of 2023, Rafiqul Islam Madani continues to be an influential figure in the realm of Islamic preaching in Bangladesh, despite the legal challenges he has faced. His teachings and speeches remain a significant part of his legacy.

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