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American Representative Lauren Boebert removed from ‘Beatle Juice’ musical: In theater video oversight

Boebert and her companions can be seen being addressed by theater officials from their seats in the video surveillance of the Buell Theater that CNN affiliate KUSA was able to obtain.

American Representative Lauren Boebert
American Representative Lauren Boebert

They may be seen talking for a few minutes before getting up and leaving the theater with the staff.

As they exit the theater with the staff, the couple can be seen leaving the building.

On Wednesday, Denver Arts and Venues wrote an email to CNN outlining the incident that led to the removal of theater supervisors on Sunday. According to the investigation, Boebert and her group were “disruptive, singing, and causing a disturbance” in Orchestra C, Rows 1 and 2, according to three different complaints.

The report stated that “the supervisors were not in their seats when we arrived, and we waited for their return.” After the supervisors left, I told them, “The Boeberts were being noisy, singing, using their cellphones, and causing a commotion for their neighbors. They needed to demonstrate respect for people around them.

The report states that the theater personnel informed the supervisors that they would be asked to leave if there was another complaint.

The report stated that the supervisors “were argumentative, claiming that they were in a party with everyone around them.” The staff member stated in the report, “I again warned them that this was a group experience, and if they persisted, they would be asked to leave.

The supervisors were ordered to leave after a second complaint was received that they were “speaking loudly and recording at that time,” according to the report.

“I warned them that if they didn’t leave the theater, they would be charged with trespassing. The managers declared that they would stay. The theater personnel was quoted in the report as saying, “I told them I would go to Denver Police.

The individuals, according to the report, exited the theater on their own before being led outside.

The report made no mention of Boebert, and theater employees were unable to corroborate that she was the person being ejected from the venue.

“We won’t vouch for that. Brian Kitts, a spokesman for Denver Arts and Venues, informed CNN via email that there was no contact with the authorities.

On Tuesday, Boebert claimed to have seen the show in a social media post and to be a “notorious criminal in laughing and singing.”

“It’s true, the incredible Beetlejuice at the Buell Theater was fantastic, and I might have laughed and sang a little too much. Everyone should watch it if they get the chance this week, and if you do, please let me know how it turns out, she wrote in the post.

Campaign manager for Boebert Drew Sexton claimed in a statement provided to CNN that Boebert had denied using cough drops during the performance but had used her cell phone to record the event despite being unaware that filming was prohibited. The Denver Post received the statement first.

Sexton said in the statement, “I can confirm the sensational and praiseworthy rumors: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is indeed a supporter (laughter!) of performing artists in her spare time and, thanks to the disappointment of a few select individuals, the closing performance of ‘Beetlejuice’ ended with a bang and excitement.

Boebert garnered media attention for her shouting during President Joe Biden’s 2022 State of the Union address, for her call for American troops to be supported, and for her unfounded 2021 claim that Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar was a terrorist, for which Boebert later apologized.

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